Les uk

LE’S  is a new brand originating from an exhaustive research on the product instead of from an aggressive marketing strategy. As a matter of fact it’s a completely new idea, focusing on the Made in Italy craftsmanship with a short distribution chain.
The key concept is the fabric, indeed the thread or even better many types of yarn, that, thanks to a weaving method using jacquard looms, allow us to create woven patterns and not printed ones, that are soft, elastic, exclusive, unique and one-of-a-kind.
We started with trousers, that at best represent the Italian tailor’s art and are a passepartout item of clothing, that can be used in any moment of the day.
We want to enhance the craftsmanship with short distribution chain: we produce and tailor everything in the Florence area, the capital of Italian art.
The jacquard weaving is entirely double face and with opposite colours, allowing thus to create the positive and negative effect of the chosen images in different textures and collections. Each product will be a unique and  one-of-a-kind piece of art, that you will be able to collect from season to season in the samples and patterns meeting your needs.

For commercial information and to contact us, please write to: info@lesofficial.com.

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